Masturbation libido

Masturbation libido

A few weeks break from the blog, with time to reflect...

Nah - not really. I've been full-out with a new business I took over and a cold that took over my head. During this time, I realized that life circumstances can make not only a sexual libido disappear, but also my masturbation libido.

Things that take away my desire to get it on with myself:

-A full schedule. That said, after just a day or two with extra time on my hands, my hands find their way to my pants.

-Stress - with my husband, job, business, family, etc. If my mind is worried about something, I'm not the type to masturbate to help me relieve the stress. This probably works for some people, but my body AND mind have to be into it.

-My period. Even though I am pretty horney towards the end of the cycle, I won't really do anything because of the blood issue. Though some sites say that orgasm is good for easing period cramps...

-Being sick. Having a cold sucks. I don't feel like eating, let alone anything else. In a moment of weakness (or was it strength?) - I did reach down to play with myself. Just as I reached orgasm and took a breath in to gasp (it was going to be a good one, at least an 8) - I started to cough. Nothing ruins an orgasm faster than a cough.

No need to despair - good times are ahead. I have visited many a sex shop site in Australia and have ordered two porn DVDs and a new dildo. Pictures and reviews to follow in a week or so...

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