Feeling lonely & horney last night

Feeling lonely & horney last night

I was all alone last night and feeling pretty horney. I think it's that time of the month - no, not THAT time of the month, but the week or two during each cycle when I feel like I'm in heat. During this fortnight of lust, the oddest things will get me wet - Sawyer, on Lost, who doesn't do it for me the rest of the month, the way my tight undies hug my crotch, doing kiegel exercises, looking at a hot chick in Maxim. The other two weeks of the year it takes something more obvious - a hot scene in a romance novel or porn. One of these days, I might actually break out a calendar and chart it. Hmm... Anyways...

Since starting this blog, I'm determined to photograph some masturbation sessions. I've never done this before and it took a little time to figure out the camera angles and tripod. I hadn't even set up the camera and I was already dripping moisture. I guess just the thought of other people looking at these pictures did it.

Once camera was ready, I laid out my arsenal. Sometimes I know what I want - some penetration, or maybe something anal. Sometimes I don't know and will have to jump up and go to the "sex drawer" to grab whatever I'm feeling. I came prepared and laid out my vibrator, my duo toy, my butt plug and my lube. Yes, I am one of those chicks who likes a little butt action every now and again. Which is ironic, because my husband hates anal. Yes, he probably would hate receiving it, but hasn't tried that, BUT he doesn't like giving it either. Oh well, that's what toys are for...

So, toys are out and camera's on the mode where it will take photos every 30 seconds. I've only posted a few pics and I have cropped them to take off my face. Sorry - but I get paranoid that people at work will see these... I've also cropped my feet because the knee highs had a hole in them, which I didn't realize until looking at the photos later. Oh, yeah - and the knee highs are because I'm too damn lazy to shave and too embarrassed to show my leg hair.

Here's a pic of my pussy before I have even touched myself. I'm pretty wet already!

Wet lips

I start by just lightly touching myself around my clit. I reach down and bring up some juice and rub it into my clit. I like to pull back on my pubic bone and expose my clit and just lightly rub it. This really drives me crazy and will bring me to orgasm really fast. I don't want to cum that fast, so I will just rub it and then back off when I get close to cumming. The whole time I'm doing this, I like to play with my nipples. I am SOOO envious of girls who can lick their own nipples - alas, my tits are too small.

Pulling back

Some girls like nothing but action on their clit, but I'm into the whole package. I learned this next technique from the book "Unleashing Your Inner Sex Goddess" (mentioned in my first article). I place on finger on my clit and another one or two fingers in my opening and do a massage thing. I keep bringing up some juices for my clit because it feels ten times better when it's lubed up.

Clit - pussy massage

A few minutes of this (well, more like 2 mintues max) and I'm ready to cum, but I still want to keep going. So, I take a small break and get my vibrator ready. I've only turned it on once or twice, and mainly use it as a dildo. After putting some arificial lube on this, I just lightly press it against my clit until I'm ready to cum.

Break out the dildo

After about 30 seconds of this, I'm ready to cum! Just as I start cumming, I push the dildo in as far as it will go into my cunt. It's kind of neat because I can feel my muscles clinching around it. Honestly, I would say it distracted from my orgasm a bit, but I will try some other methods next time (and share them with you, of course).
Orgasm !

Sorry, if the use of the word "cunt" offended anyone, but this a word that can be very sexual or very vulgar. Used in this context, I feel it's okay. Used in the place of the word "bitch", it is vulgar...

Thanks for reading!

"It was a shallow orgasm, the kind you get when you're diddling with yourself and squeeze your knees together at just the right moment, but a come is a come..." - Betsy the Vampire Queen in Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson.

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